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Our Projects

Providing a range of servcies to meet your data insight needs.

Global customer satisfaction program

Run a global customer satisfaction insight program across 30+ countries and 20+ entities for large industrial services company.

Collect real time data on sales & marketing efforts, lead times, accuracy, price, project management and problem solving skills, after sales and claim handling to pinpoint what goes well, what can be done better and what needs urgent attention.

Managers across the globe can trigger thier own campaigns through custom built distribution portal. Dashbaords at local, regional and management level with global target setting on main KPIs.


Execute a project management satisfaction program for Netherlands' largest real estate government agency.

Helping managers and teams understand and steer on the what matters most to their clients, all all service categoeries and steps of their journey.

Data collected per product group, project and client group through custom build distribution and dashboard portal. Dashboard reporting at product, project and management level.

360 Feedback leadership program

Providing a 360 feedback and competence assessment program across top 20 leadership members for top tier Asian bank in Europe.

Clustering competences across several categories, ranging from company value specific competences, to general and departmental set competences. Reporting and analysis through personal, team and management dashboards, including year on year comparison.

Allocation and distribution of feedback invites done on a pre-set basis using emails with personal invitation.

Marketing events ROI & leads assesment program

Providing complete marketing events insight research & RoI assesment program for one of Asia's largest pharmaceuticals.

Collecting data across 100+ events in 10+ countries on marketing and training events, both on-line and on-site. For existing and potential clients. Dashboard reporting on local, regional and management level with close monitoring on KPIs.

Calculate event RoI by converting feedback data  into separate lead generation dashboard, using smart algorithms to identify cold, warm and hot leads per event. Generated over 2000+ new leads per year. Feedback collected using on-line, off-line and onsite feedback tools like kiosks and hostesses with tablets.

Global internal support assessment program

Running a real-time, global support satisfaction monitor for one of Europe's largest agri / dairy firms.

With over 65+ locations across Europe, Asia and Americas, the need for efficient internal support from regional hubs is most important. From quick spare parts production and deliveries to high-quality documentation, proper marketing materials and smooth IT systems.

We collect feedback from 1500+ staff across the globe through an automatic allocation model that identifies the right survey script for the right support department. The real time monitor identifies shortcomings in support and allows clusters and HQ to react on items before customers notice them. Current program runs for its 5th consecutive year.

Facility management satisfaction program

Providing insight into facility management services satisfaction for Dutch government agency responsible for all facility management within the ministries in The Hague.

Collecting continuous and real time data from staff and visitors on their perception of work places, catering services, meeting rooms, cleaning, events and diplomatic services.

Helps the agency to assess and steer on the quality of its b2b facility services providers like cleaning companies, building maintenance and office movers to assessing the perception of users like employees and citizens that visit as a guest. Feedback is collected using on-line, off-line and on-site (kiosk) feedback tools.

Welfare monitor for in-debted young adults

Providing a local government backed monitor to manage, track and report on the progress of welfare of youngsters in financial troubles.

Tracking and case- managing the situation of these youngsters by collecting direct interview and survey data on their current situation, their worries, possibilities of improving their situation, progress and hurdles they face.

The program is designed to better understand how youngsters can be helped to exit their financial distressed situation and what to do to prevent from getting in such a situation.